Do you know what PechaKucha is? If not I suggest you check it out stat. It was news to me about a year ago where I attended my first one. Essentially it is a platform for anyone to give a short presentation on anything they want to share about. Something important to them, something they learned, or what they do. You have 20 slides, that each display for 20 seconds.

Well, Among all the other great things going on right now. I was just approached to speak at the next one here in Knoxville TN. I am excited to be part of what will be a great evening. It will be May 1st. More information soon.

Quick Studio Tour

Decided to film a short glimpse into my studio space. Currently I am sharing a space with a potter, who is gracious to let me be there.

Currently there is a project I have been vested in, bringing a collaborative makers space in existence. A place where woodworkers and potters can meet and co-create all the more. Send me an email if you are interested in learning more.

Le skate moderne

LE SKATE MODERNE from Antoine BESSE on Vimeo.

Since childhood, Skateboarding has been something very special to me. I’ve always felt a strong connection with the sport and it was a time of calm and peace. The connectedness of it all, Studying the terrain. It’s simplicity.

The video depicts the young men skating atypical skate spots all over the french countryside. Stunningly gorgeous! You are in for a treat.

Big Store Update | New Items


I have been doing two things this winter. Getting caught up on every movie I missed from the last few years and attempting to create a new line up of hand crafted items for you. I was able to add a lathe to the shop and begin wood turning. Adding a whole new line of muddlers and rolling pins. Excited to have them in the shop. Have a look

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