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The Story

Taryn McLean & Caroline Smith created a business helping people through transitional changes in life. They do so by assisting with direction, organizing, arranging and by just offering general creativity in the way people live in their homes and offices. Brilliant right!?

With future plans on collaboration, This holiday, I wanted to also spread the word of their current promotional offerings and shoot a quick and easy video.

There was one exception. We had no budget. No crew. No lighting. And about an hour to shoot. Sounds like a challenge. “Alright, Accepted!”
I think we nailed it. The pair nailed their parts in just a few takes and we ended up making an awesome video to boot. Congrats to the oh so talented Taryn and Caroline on your success.

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Project Details

Client: hyd Takes a Holiday

Date: Dec 2014

Online: www.helpyoudwell.com

Discipline: Syling / Video / Direction


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