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The Story
Pecha Kucha is a series of creative talks happening all across the globe. In 2013 I was invited to present on two different occassions and was also commissioned to design a poster for an upcoming event.
Pecha Kucha was started in 2003 in Japan and I wanted give a subtle nod to it's origins. The idea was to design something visually striking using the literal meaning of PechaKucha "chit chat". Placing you in the conversation of someone expressing "Let's talk!" and "Thankyou" Arigato.
The design aesthetic is a subtle nod to Japanese street art, neon lights, and Japanese cartoons. Depictions of characters that often have more meaning, then just a visual stylization. Through the meaning of colors, blue represents one-to-one communication, especially communication through the voice. It is speaking the truth through verbal self-expression - it is both the teacher and the public speaker.

Pecha Kucha

Project Details

Client: Pecha Kucha

Date: 2014

Online: www.Pechakucha.com

Discipline: Design, Illustration


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