The Story
At the end of the 2012 I decided to carve a single wooden spoon as a holiday gift for a friend. At the time, I thought little of it, other then I enjoyed doing that and it was nice. I grew up making projects and woodworking with my father. It was a common sight. That’s where it began. Then at 16, one of my earliest jobs was working for a furniture company who imported goods from South Africa. I worked primarily in refinishing and getting the hang of running portions of the process and taking on deliveries. It was there I began understanding the basics of woodworking.

So, there it was, I started picking it up again, working with wood. During 2013 I began carving spoons that I could give to friends and family as thank you presents for a cross country cycling trip I wanted to take. Everything going to benefit Multiple Sclerosis. Well I did not get the chance to end up going, but that same year I decided to launch the small business idea hand crafting wooden goods.
I Started out with nothing but a single pocket knife I had found, and additionally purchased a metal file. I carved about 100 wooden spoons, and within the next 30 days those spoons sold. Started the next batch and launched a Kickstarter that helped purchase a 14" band saw. Six fast months later I began attending the local Knoxville Farmers Market as a vendor and WDWRK was officially born. Oh, and I did the entire summer farmers market via bicycle, rain or shine, I would bicycle everything into downtown I needed to put on a market. A tent, a table, stands and goods all packed onto a 24" cycling trailer and cross bike.

That same summer, 2014, I became a finalist in both Martha Stewart American Made competition, and a finalist in Garden & Gun's Made in the South Awards. Both celebrating American handcrafted makers across the states. I was pretty chuffed.
Today I am producing several lines of goods and shipping all over the world. The community locally and abroad are the reason it has turned out like it has. It would have looked very different if I did not have so many amazing people guiding me along the way. I have more people to thank then I capable of.

WDWRK Small Wares Co


Project Details


Date: Oct, 2012 - Today

Online: www.wdwrkco.com

Discipline: Photography, Woodworking, Video

I owe more thank you's then I could ever give, I could not have done this without my community. Thanks.

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